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Not stfumindy. Not wtf_mindy. Nay, tis ong_mindy.

This is a community dedicated to the future queen of the world.

After all, who can achieve world domination without loyal subjects?
(Mindy of course, but that's another story.)

Feel free (in fact, we're ENCOURAGING you) to post Mindy inspired art.
Music, photos, crappy paint pictures, or ANYTHING.
(Except for nudity.)
((Unless it's whale vagina.))
(((Actually, no. Ask before posting whale vagina, lest you have the wrong idea.)))


1. Mindy and I must approve of you. (i.e., no whores, homophobes, or racists.)
2. Everyone must love Mindy.
3. What Mindy says GOES.
4. No trash talking our men. You trashtalk them, we TRASH you.
5. Respect the fact that we are more metal than your mother.
6. Ashlee Simpson sucks.
7. Green Day does not suck.
8. If you disagree with the above, YOU suck. (Except for Jenny.)
9. 'Fag' is an unacceptable word except for when talking about vision charts and backwards initials.
10. Mindy's name is cuter than yours. Especially if you're Molly*.

*This does not apply to cute little black doggies.

mindy is queen of the world
brought to you by the isRuler of the universe Generator

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